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Our Leadership

Michael Riley, MS, CNIM

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mike has a background in cellular, systems, and developmental neuroscience, having completed a Master's thesis utilizing in vivo electrophysiology and neuroimaging of zebrafish motor circuits with direct correlation to behavioral output. After completing a one year fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology, he made it his personal mission to raise the bar for IONM education, training, and delivery across North America. Mike has personally monitored over 2,100 surgical procedures, with specific clinical interests in lateral spread response, cranial motor and sensory mapping, and IONM for lateral lumbar interbody fusion. He believes that a robust foundation of primary literature is essential to the advancement of the IONM industry, and is a published author of basic neuroscience and IONM-specific research in top-tier journals. Finally, Mike firmly believes that clinicians conducting neurophysiological monitoring in the operating room must be experts in both the technical and interpretive components of their practice, and he is committed to furthering this Professional Model of IONM delivery to hospitals and surgical groups throughout North America.

Lev Grinman headshot.png

Lev Grinman, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Grinman received his undergraduate degree from Cornell University and his medical degree from SUNY Upstate Medical University. He then completed a Neurology residency at Long Island Jewish Medical Center – Albert Einstein College of Medicine, followed by a Sleep Medicine fellowship at the New York College of Medicine at the Sleep Disorders Institute. Dr. Grinman has previous experience leading a large clinical IONM team spanning multiple states, as Chief Medical Officer. He is excited to draw upon his expertise and experience in supporting Peak's professional model of IONM as the gold standard for quality and compliance. Board certified in Neurology and Sleep Medicine, Dr. Grinman is currently a Clinical Instructor and Attending Neurologist at Stony Brook University Hospital and Hackensack University Medical Center. He is also a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and father of three young children.

Our Mission

Peak Neurophysiology Group was created because we saw a need for a higher standard of care in the field of intraoperative neuromonitoring. Our professional model of IONM delivery provides better clinicians to surgeons, leading to better outcomes for patients. Peak Neurophysiology Group is committed to advancing the practice of IONM and cultivating the next generation of neurophysiologists in the northeast and around the country.

Our Purpose

Surgery has evolved significantly in recent decades as numerous technological advancements and integration of minimally-invasive procedures have become the norm. Peak Neurophysiology Group believes that IONM should evolve and improve in the same manner. By staying abreast of the latest surgical and neurophysiological research, PNG clinicians are constantly expanding their knowledge base with up-to-date information and extending that knowledge to other healthcare providers.

Our Vision

Peak Neurophysiology Group is impacting the healthcare community through the development of a graduate level curriculum that will help educate and train the next generation of intraoperative neurophysiologists. By implementing a structured, IONM-centric curriculum paired with clinical experience in the OR, institutions that partner with PNG to offer graduate degrees in neurophysiological monitoring will produce highly-qualified clinicians that are unavailable to many hospitals, surgeons, and patients today.

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