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Peak Neurophysiology Group provides professional IONM services for nearly all types of neurosurgical, orthopedic, vascular, and ENT procedures. Our work begins by seeing patients before they ever enter the operating room and concludes with a detailed post-operative report summarizing the intraoperative neurophysiological data.
1. Pre-operative Clinical Exam


Prior to every case, we review the patient's relevant medical history and perform a brief clinical assessment and physical examination. Evaluation of each patient's preoperative neurological status and any associated comorbidities provides valuable information when obtaining and evaluating baseline data.

2. Review of Imaging Studies


In order to obtain a complete clinical picture, our neurophysiologists review any MRI, CT, or X-ray films available. Understanding the specific pathologies of each patient allows us to construct a comprehensive IONM plan that protects the patient at every stage of the procedure.

3. Real-time Monitoring


During surgery, IONM data is assessed and relayed to the surgeon in real-time, without the need to wait for a response from a remote physician. Our clinicians are highly-educated professionals that are fellowship-trained in both the technical and interpretive components of IONM, with additional neurologist support available for consultation. This delivery model reduces the risk of liability arising from connectivity issues and reduces the likelihood of false-positive and false-negative outcomes.

4. Detailed Reporting


At the conclusion of every procedure, we personally prepare a customized report explaining the IONM data in the context of predicted patient outcomes. Peak neurophysiologists describe the implications of all intraoperative testing using professional medico-legal terminology, as this report will ultimately become part of the patient's medical record. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and this is pride is reflected in our case reports.

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