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 Peak Neurophysiology Group is  accredited by The Joint Commission

The Peak Difference

Professional Model

  • One year Fellowship in Neurophysiology

  • IONM plan tailored to each patient

  • Neurophysiologist in the OR evaluates and reports data immediately

  • Educated, highly-trained professional available in person at all times


Technician Model

  • Minimal educational requirements

  • Cookbook approach to IONM

  • Data interpretation performed remotely, delaying intervention

  • Connectivity malfunctions leave surgical team stranded

Must Read:

Most neuromonitoring companies hire "IONM techs" with limited training, because a neurologist is officially interpreting the IONM data. However, the complex environment of the operating suite demands a highly trained IONM clinician to intervene timely and accurately. With our Professional Model of IONM delivery, Peak Neurophysiology Group provides two layers of monitoring: a fellowship-trained neurophysiologist in the operating room AND a neurologist available for consultation. This means fewer false-positive and false-negative results for your surgeons and patients.


"If patient safety is paramount, then Peak Neurophysiology Group should be the surgeon's first choice."

-Dr. Daniel Schwartz, PhD

Listed among the founding pioneers of the field of intraoperative neuromonitoring

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